Industrial Equipments

Lineer Motion Guides

Screw Jack Gearboxes

Linear Bearings

Linear Actuators

Motor, servomotor and drivers

Ball Transfer Units

Couplings and Frictional Bushes

Aluminium Profiles

LM Bushes and Machine Elements


Pneumatic Equipments

Motion Controllers

Grippers, magnetic cencors, shock absorbers

Piezo positioners

Cubic Shaped Rack Gears

Joints and Chains

Timing Belts
Cable Carriers





200 gr. -3kg Packing Machine


20 kg. Packing Machine


Double Packing Machine


Case Packer Machine


Case Erector


Horizantal Case Packer


Vertical Case Packer


Box in Box Case Packer


Buttle in Box Case Packer


High Speed Palletizer


3 Axis Double Palletizer


Robotic Palletizer


Circle Cutting Machine


Jute Fabric Cutting Machine


Jute Fabric Cutting-Drilling Machine


Fully Auotmatic Jute Fabric Cutting- Drilling Machine


Big-Bag-PE Sealing Machine




Belt Wrapping Machine


Belt Cutting and Marking Machine


Belt Cutting-Folding and Marking Machine


Ultrasonic Belt Cutting-Folding
and Marking Machine


BF Blow Folder


Stacking Unit


Big-Bag Test Machine


Conductivity Measuring Device


Scheller Carton Programming Device


Scheller Product Cutting System


Scheller Reglan System


Factory Automation


Planetary Gearbox


Servo Motor and Drivers




Medical Products

Disposable paper products

Disposable Duvet Cover
Patient Coat , seat cover, visitor coat
Examining Cover
Disposable Bone, Mask, Galosh, Slipper


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