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Cross Cutting Machine is designed to cut PE fabric that is between 60 micron and 350 micron. Laminated/unlaminated fabric can be cut with hot/cold knifes.

Machine is controlled by servo motor, and the sensitivity is +/- 2 mm.

The machine is modulerly designed and consist of cutting unit, hole cutting unit, warp unit, bobin loading unit and edge control unit.

The machine is fully automatic and controlled by PLC. Remote Access to the machine is possible.

It is possible to prepare recipes for 40 different products and store in memory. This feature reduces the time of product changing.

The machine is operated via tuch-screen operator panel with user-friendly menu.

Capasity 1500 peaces/min (1200mm, 120g laminated fabric) Command voltage 24 V DC
Sensitivity +/- 2 mm Air consumption 6 bar 300 lt/min
Fabric width 1500-2100 mm Power consumption 5 kVA
Fabric bobin diameter 1200 mm Supply voltage 380 Volt 3 Phase 50 Hz
Cutting Hot-cold knife Static electricity removing system Optional
Operator control Touch screen operatör panel Machine dimensions 2000x4000x2000 mm
Automation PLC Approximate weight 1.5 Ton

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